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What happens when you set out an epic cross-country journey to learn what it’s really like to own a small business? You meet a lot of people. Risk takers. Go-getters. People with a passion – for their craft and their community. Everyday people, with extraordinary stories.

That's the journey we took, and now, 10,000 miles later, we want to share it all with you. So join the conversation, meet the faces, hear the stories and learn what it means to be #SmallBizProud
Meet The Trippers
Meet The Trippers
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  • Trisha Dalton

    Trisha is a filmmaker with a serious case of wanderlust who loves sharing the stories of people she meets on her travels.

  • John Sears

    John is a cinematographer and video editor who loves telling stories &emdash; a survival skill he learned growing up with seven siblings.

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